Sunday, 28 November 2010

Family Tree News 28 November 2010

Christmas is approaching, and I have been busy researching family history for those of you who ordered a family tree project as a Christmas gift for loved ones. Work is progressing on schedule, and some family projects have already been completed and shipped.

We attended the Blitz memorial service at Coventry Cathedral on November 14th, exactly 70 years after that dreadful night. The service ended with the sounding of an air raid siren, mini spotlights circling the old cathedral ruins and the peals of cathedrals bells. Despite having had a long day which started with me arriving pre-dawn at London Road Cemetery for my spot on BBC Radio 5, the commemoration service was an historic event which was thought provoking and well worth attending.

You may be interested in a new website which launched recently. Coventry Memories presents a timeline of Coventry history where people can look up the memories people had of living in Coventry during the last century, and share their own recollections. Go have a look!

I would like to give my thanks to Ruth Kennedy, Mary, and Iris Griffiths for sharing your family stories and photographs about the Coventry Blitz. A new page has been added to the Coventry Blitz Resource Centre telling the stories of Denis and Edward Brown, and Gilbert John Griffiths.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Family Tree News 13 November 2010

If you are up early tomorrow morning, you can catch me speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live. The Weekend Breakfast show will be interviewing me about the Coventry Blitz and will be on air at 06:20 am. So, early night then!

Aside from local history, I am working hard producing Family Tree Christmas presents, which are all on schedule.