Sunday, 31 October 2010

Family Tree News 31 October 2010

I have spent my evenings this week revamping the index page for the Dictionary of Old Occupations. It is now much easier to find the job you are looking for because the Index now shows all jobs currently listed and each title is a working hyperlink to the relevant page and job definition. With over a thousand hyperlinks on the page this was no small task. I still have several pages of notes to type up for the last few letters of the index, but it was worthwhile taking time out to make the index page friendlier to use.

The 70th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz is looming. Many events are scheduled to take place to mark this major event in the history of Coventry. I have added a bit more information to the details of the blitz victims, my thanks to family members for getting in touch. Please keep these pieces of family history coming, they make valuable additions to the site to preserve local history and educate future generations.

A list of events taking place to mark the 70th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz can be found on the Coventry Blitz Resource Centre page. If you are running an event which is not listed and wish me to add it then please drop me a line.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Family Tree News 24 October 2010

Conscious that it has been some time since I added any more historical job definitions to the Dictionary of Old Occupations, I have today published a large update. Over 200 descriptions of old trades and occupations have been added, all beginning with the letter P.

That makes definitions for 21 letters of the alphabet complete, with 5 to go. Hope you are finding the dictionary a useful resource when researching your ancestors and interpreting census records!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Family Tree News 17 October 2010

The new and improved 2011 versions of Family Tree Maker Platinum and Family Tree Maker Deluxe have just been released. Both contain a useful selection of new features and handy enhancements to existing facilities. Definitely worth checking out. If you are still using an aging verion of Family Tree Maker then the new features may well make you want to upgrade.

Christmas is starting to appear on the horizon already, so now is the time to get in touch if you would like me to research a family tree as a present for a friend or loved one. My family tree packages make for a delightful and original present, and can become family heirlooms to pass down through the generations. Look as the fantastic letter I received earlier this week, transcribed below.

All the best,
Jane Hewitt


Dear Jane

Thank you so much for the package you sent on my family tree. I am really, really delighted with it, at 85 years I have time to spend and am so happy with all the information you have uncovered.

As you will know, I am one of five siblings, they in turn have children and although it was my granddaughter who paid for this for my birthday it has turned out a present for all the family who are delighted as well.

Thank you so much.
Yours sincerely
Pamela A.