Sunday, 17 February 2013

Family Tree News 17 February 2013

I came across the interesting old census occupation of Sad Iron Grinder when Sheila E got in touch regarding a relative who died in 1881. Sad irons are the ancestors of the domestic electric iron we all love / loathe to use in this day and age. Thanks for getting in touch Sheila - I have added both Sad Iron Grinder and Solid Iron Grinder to the Dictionary of Old Occupations.

In the news this week was hero Lionel Clarke who has just been awarded a well deserved medal for his brave efforts during the war. Lionel was an auxiliary fireman serving during world war two, and was amongst those who fought to save Coventry Cathedral when it was bombed during the Blitz. It’s great to read stories such as this, about Coventry firefighters who braved such appalling conditions night after night to save lives and property.You can read the full story at the Coventry Telegraph website.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Family Tree News 03 February 2013

Added Owen Martin as a possible unidentified victim of the Coventry blitz buried in the mass grave at London Road. Thanks to information supplied by family member Anne, we know that Owen was working for a tyre factory in Coventry at the time of the blitz when he disappeared.

My thanks to Anne for getting in touch; I have added Owen to the website as requested.