Sunday, 21 February 2010

Family Tree News - 21 February 2010

More snow... this winter reminds me of the 1970s! It has not been affecting my work though; I have been able to get to the archives despite Coventry’s roads falling apart with frost damage and potholes.

I have been quietly working away on some more job definitions for the dictionary of old occupations, mostly working on the letter G for the moment. Hope to have these ready to publish in the next couple of weeks.

Also been doing some web design for a potential new site about London Road Cemetery. The new prototype is looking rather nice, and is currently awaiting feedback on the layout, and also some draft content. I will be pleased if this project goes through to completion, as it has been a few months now since I met with a nice chap from the Friends of London Road Cemetery to discuss creating a new site for their group.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Family Tree News - 7 February 2010

This week I have been researching a number of families with Scottish roots. I was also contacted by a member of the Goons (Guild of one-name studies) about a World War One soldier from Coventry. I was able to recommend a search of the Coventry Graphic at the local archives, which I can help with. This wonderful paper gives information about many Coventry citizens who served in the armed forces during the First World War, often including photos.

Local author Iain Soden has written a new book about a significant and famous figure from Coventry's history - Ranulf de Blondeville. Follow the link to read more about the book.

Lifelong Coventry resident Bill Brookes has written an interesting essay about the Coventry Blitz, and its significance on the war effort and the lives of ordinary civilians in Coventry. Follow the link to read the thought-provoking article.