Sunday, 30 January 2011

Family Tree News 30 January 2011

If you are waiting for the archives at Coventry to reopen so you can research local history then I am afraid I have bad news. Despite the Council website presently estimating that the History Centre will reopen around now ("late January") the Herbert website says that the History Centre is closed until further notice, which seems a bit vague.
I have been along to the premises to find out more. The floor is still stripped right back, and repairs seem to be progressing much slower than we hoped. Signage on the premises indicates that it will be around April before the History Centre reopens. Sadly it looks like we will be without access to our heritage records for twice as long as we originally believed!

I would like to thank Sue B this week, who got in touch to tell me about a book called "The Fateful Battle Line" which is full of information about the 1/7th Territorial Battalion and what befell them during the war. The book ties in with the Coventry At War section of the site, particularly the war diary of Sgt Edward Brookes.

I am also grateful to Colin and Carol, who provided me with more old job definitions to add to the Dictionary of Old Occupations. I have updated the site this week, and added them in as promised. Carol – In addition to the other occupations you sent me I have added a paragraph about Day Labourers to the site, and will add Junky to the Dictionary along with all the jobs beginning with J as soon as I am able. I only have a few letters of the alphabet to check and transcribe onto the old occupations A-Z lists, but it’s a time consuming job!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Family Tree News 23 January 2011

This week I have added another 112 old job definitions to the Dictionary of Old Occs. Having spotted too late someone on an online genealogy forum seeking an explanation what a Higgler was, and finding that the answer was in my to-do list, I decided to focus on transcribing my notes about jobs beginning with the letter H and make them available FOC on my familyresearcher website.

So if you discover anything from a Haberdasher to a Huxter in your family tree and are unsure what the job actually was then you may find the answer here.

Jane Hewitt 23 January 2011

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Family Tree News 16 January 2011

My family tree website has been updated this week. I have added new information about members of the McKnight, Pointer and White families who were killed in the Coventry Blitz. You can find them in the alphabetical lists in the Coventry Blitz Resource Centre. I have also added a new definition to the Dictionary of Old Occupations for a Watch Case Joint Finisher.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Family Tree News 9 January 2011

As pleasant as it was to take a week off over the holiday period, I am thoroughly enjoying getting stuck back into family tree projects. The December post was particularly slow this year, but did not stop me completing all family tree Christmas presents and sending out the presentation packs to arrive on time (despite the postal service having an interesting definition of ‘next day delivery’!)

This month Computer Shopper magazine reviewed the latest version of Family Tree Maker, which came out very well indeed. It really is an excellent package and is surprisingly cheap. It is listed on my family tree software page, along with other good packages.

Over the holidays I found time to go through more of my notes about old job and trade definitions. I picked on jobs beginning with the letter F this time. This week I added these to the website, they amounted to six new web pages containing details of 165 definitions. From Faber to Fuyster, you can find these on my Dictionary of Old Occupations, available free of charge to help you understand census records when you research your family tree.

Sadly Coventry Council has yet to announce the reopening of the Coventry Archives after the pre-Christmas flood. Their website page appears to have not been updated since December. It still says that the History Centre is unlikely to reopen before late January, but it also says this is because of the approaching bank holidays. I still recommend you check if the History Centre is open before planning a visit. The number is 024 7683 4060.