Thursday, 30 August 2012

Family Tree News 30 August 2012

Braved the torrential rain this week to visit Birmingham. Have begun the initial research work in my spare time which may lead to me producing a new free online resource regarding the WW2 blitz on Birmingham. It feels natural to expand my site about the Coventry Blitz to include neighbouring Birmingham.

This local history research project is another big commitment and will take some time to bring to fruition. You may want to check back over the coming weeks and months if you are researching ancestors from the Birmingham area or are interested in second world war history.

Sadly the downpour made taking good quality outdoor pictures nigh on impossible, hope to fare better on the next research trip!

All the best
Jane Hewitt

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Family Tree News 09 August 2012

Did you know you can get my Dictionary of Old Occupations in the US as well as in the UK? If you are in the US it is available in Kindle format as well as other formats.

I have been helping some reviewers set up a new music related website which launched a couple of days ago. If you fancy a break from genealogy then head on over to their all-new Rock Hard Reviews website for an interesting read. I see they have been kind enough to acknowledge my help on the site - thanks guys!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Family Tree News 02 August 2012

Finally managed to make the time to update the Coventry Blitz Resource Centre with new information:
Very special thanks to Anita for sending me such lovely flowers. It has been fantastic to have been doing research work for you for so long, and it does feel a bit sad to have finally reached the end. It has been thoroughly worthwhile, even if I will miss it!