Sunday, 27 February 2011

Family Tree News 27 February 2011

My professional family tree research work has certainly been keeping me busy, but I have made time in the evenings over the last week or so to work on the Dictionary of Old Occupations.

Years ago, when I started typing up my notes on old occupation definitions, there were lots more jobs beginning with the letter C than other letters. I recall starting on these, getting as far as publishing three pages of C prefixed them on my website, before deciding to move on to other letters of the alphabet in order to speed up the overall process.

I am delighted to have revisited the mountain of jobs beginning with C, organised my notes and published the definitions online yesterday. 190+ jobs beginning with C have been added to those previously published. This takes the estimate number of definitions in the entire dictionary to over 1500!

If you know the definitions of old or archaic jobs titles, trades etc. beginning with C that are not on the list then please get in touch with me via Lots of people are sharing my free dictionary now, it would be great to expand the dictionary even further to help fellow family tree enthusiasts.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Family Tree News 20 February 2011

The last few weeks have been busy ones where family tree research work has been concerned.

In my spare time I have made several updates to the website:

The Dictionary of Old Occupations has proven popular with fellow family tree researchers. I would like to acknowledge the various people who have been in touch regarding old definitions for occupations such as Hind, Vestry Messenger, Intelligence Office and Bondsmen. Some of these were queries from people asking for help with their own ancestors, other were kindly supplying additional info to share on the site.

I would especially like to thank Ibrahim Leadley for generously providing two photographs related to his ancestor Hannah Harrison Lowe, who is reputed to be descended from royalty. An interesting story, from which I typed up a few research notes of my own and added a new page to the familyresearcher website to share these alongside the photographs.
All the best
Jane Hewitt