Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Family Tree News 25 October 2011

Whilst trawling through census records this week I came across an old occupation called Bullion Pearler. Seems to be a misspelling of Bullion Purler, referring to the sort of decorative trim we see today at the bottom of sofas. An unusual specialist occupation which I have added to my Dictionary.

The new 2012 version of Family Tree Maker is out. This year’s update builds upon the enhancements found in the 2011 version with improved reports and the new Tree Sync feature for synchronising your family tree data with Ancestry.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Family Tree News 16 October 2011

The annual Blitz Remembrance Service is fast approaching. It will take place at 3pm on Sunday 13th November at London Road Cemetery, Coventry. I would like to thank Coventry Bereavement Services for letting us know the details.

The busy season is upon me once again, and I am now working on family tree projects as Christmas gifts for loved ones. We did, however, find time this week to update the website in response to a couple of queries from people who looked me up in Yellow Pages or similar because they had difficulty using the email links on my site. I now have a new web page on the site which provides two different ways of getting in touch with me online regarding family tree research.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Family Tree News 09 October 2011

Looks like a new 2012 version of the excellent Family Tree Maker will be available on or around October 14th. Early information indicates there may be three versions: Deluxe, Platinum and World editions. More info about these soon.