Sunday, 27 November 2011

Family Tree News 27 November 2011

You may have heard me on BBC local radio earlier this week. I was on Bob Brolly’s show discussing the importance of learning about history and whether it should be taught in schools with the same prominence and English and Maths. I had a nice time, Bob is friendly, cheery sort of chap though I am not sure he was convinced to change his opinion! Thanks for having me on the show Bob, it was a pleasure.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Family Tree News 20 November 2011

Have been very busy researching family tree projects for everyone over the last couple of months. In the run up to Christmas I am focussed on making sure that all the family tree gifts are ready, and 2011 certainly has been a busy year! To make this happen less time has been available for updates to the various resources on my website, in case you are wondering why my updates have been slower recently.
Author Trevor Harkin has been in touch regarding recent resurfacing work at the site of the Coventry Blitz memorial at London Road Cemetery, which is the location of the mass grave of blitz victims.

An article in the local newspaper bore a headline about the resurfacing work "Mass grave for Coventry blitz victims turned into 'car park'". From what I read and from the photo it appears the site has been tarmaced over. The article goes on to say that the new surface is already crumbling with chunks breaking away at the edges. This all seems out of keeping with the location and significance of the memorial, where we honour the memory and sacrifice of the fallen.