Sunday, 8 November 2009

Family Tree News 08/11/2009

A big 'thank you' to eagle-eyed author / historian Trevor Harkin who spotted two names on the Unlisted Blitz Victims list which are listed right at the end on the Memorial, out of alphabetical order and under 'unidentifed'. I have updated the web site to match the memorial. Thanks also to Mr Kite for sending me updated information for his family Blitz story.

This week I also added / updated data for an additional 23 victims of the Coventry Blitz, and published these under the Blitz Resource Centre.Mr West sent me a short Blitz story about his grandparents, which has now been added to the site. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Sitting here on the afternoon of memorial Sunday 2009, updating details about WW2 victims seem particularly poignant, and I do so with respect to honour and remember those who lost their lives during WW2.

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